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SCHLONGEN Fingerprint Time Recorder #SLG-F01


Property :
– Compatibility
– High Quality Chip
– High Speed
– High Resolution Image
– Easy-operation
– Easy-upgrading
– Standalone

Suggestions and precautions:

  • The fingerprint scanner should not be installed in a place where the temperature is too high, such as installing an out door, even with a waterproof box, but if the installation point is exposed to sunlight all the time, the temperature inside the waterproof box will be higher than normal. cause the scanner to have problems.
  • Do not touch the water. Installation in the spot where the drizzle can be done, but must not condense into water droplets. Because if the rain droplets gathered in large quantities to form water droplets, it can damage the scanner.
  • Employees should clean fingerprints before scanning every time to help the scanner to read fingerprints easier and help preserve the reader head.
  •  Should set up admin who takes care of fingerprint scanner and face scanner more than 1 person to prevent admin resignation problem.
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Name Details
Fingerprint capacity 1000 pcs
Log capacity 10,000 pcs
Verification Fingerprint.PWD
Matching 1:N (fingerprint), 1:1 (PWD)
Communication USB, U-disk
Power DC 5V
Size 170 x 120 x 40 mm. (Device)
N.T 0.19 kg

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