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SCHLONGEN Time Recorder #SLG-690


Large LCD display screen with blue back light, clearly visible even in the dark.
The punch card machine can be used both as a table and a wall hanging.
Support for punch cards, 6 types, 3 in, 3 out
Support for clocking of employees up to 200 people
With card suction system And automatically return clocking cards
There is a system to prevent clocking on the wrong side.
There is a Thai-English manual inside the box.
Needle type print head (Dot Matrix)
Ink ribbon 2 colors (black / red)

Suggestions and precautions:

  • Do not install the machine near moisture. Or high heat
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Name Details
Body Color White
Patterns Of Use Standing and hanging
Time Card Type Stamping card type, 6 slots, 3 in slots, 3 out slots
Display Screen LCD (Blue Back Light)
Max Employee 200 People
Working System Card suction system and automatic card return
Protection System Anti-clocking system on wrong side
Ink Color Black/Red
Print Type Dot Matrix
Size Width 120 mm. x Length 190 mm. x Height 260 mm.
Weight  1.6 kg

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