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SCHLONGEN Laminator #SLG-810


Entry Width : 238 mm
Convenient – Release mechanism to clear accidental jams.
Power / Ready light
Ready Time : 4-8Minutes
Max Laminating Speed : 300mm/min
Suitable for Pouches from 80mic to 125mic
Laminates from ID to A4 size pouches
Power Consumption:200W
Rollers: 2 pcs
Max. lamination thickness: 0.4mm
Hot / Cold lamination

Suggestions and precautions:

  • Use standard laminated plastic to protect the rollers and accessories.
  • The heat should be set to the thickness of the laminate so that the not heaters must be overheat.
  • Should wait for the machine to heat up to the appropriate thickness of the plastic to be coated first.
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Name Details
Coating Pattern Hot / Cold
Alert Light Power On / Off
Entry Width 238 mm. (A4)
Ready Time 4 – 8 min.
Max Laminating Speed 300 mm. / min.
Suitable For Pouches 125 Mic
Maximum Thickness 0.4 mm. (Plastic Included)
Roller 2 pcs
Size Width 90 mm. X Length 380 mm. X Height 140 mm.
Weight 1.2 kg
Power Consumption 200W

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